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"It was written to be spoken"

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Bringing the glorious language of the King James Bible to life, Ashley Strand peoples the stage in this solo performance of the unabridged text of the Gospel According to Mark.

Experience the Book of Mark the way it was intended to be heard, in its entirety.

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St. James Parish

February 9, 2020

I was astonished by Mr. Strand's scriptural command and powerful artistic interpretation of The Gospel of Mark.  As a Yale University trained theologian, from my perspective, his presentation was riveting, probing, zealous and disturbing in its faithfulness and representation of Mark's witness to the saving life and enduring ministry of Jesus Christ.


Rev. Pierce Klemmt



Ronald Sachs Violins

January 9-18

This text, and this performance, no matter your religious persuasion, feels so powerfully relevant.


It’s an impressive, gauntlet-throwing performance.


John Staton - Star News Online

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Apostolic Tabernacle

April 27 2019

I appreciated the faithful depiction of Jesus' many moods.  Often actors will play Him as unwaveringly gentle and kind, but he had his moments of righteous anger, too.  It's important to see that portrayed.

Pastor Evan Grizzle







Old Books on Front St.

August 11, 2018

There are few events that have been a greater honor to host at Old Books on Front St. than King James Live’s presentation of Ashley Strand performing The Gospel According to Mark.   Mr. Strand’s experiential reading of Mark is incredibly moving not only as a performance of a piece of literature and as a collective experience of the life of Christ, but also as a personal connection with the intangible experience that brings art to life.   


Gwenyfar Rohler - Owner

St. Jude Metropolitan Community Church

July 9, 2018

St. Jude's MCC was delighted to host  King James Live for the premier reading of the gospel performed by Shakespearean actor Ashley Strand. What a delight this was for those of us who know the gospel, but rarely, if ever, have experienced the story as one act, from beginning to end. The Gospel of Mark was brought to life in a unique way.

                                                   Pastor John McLaughlin

The King James Bible was Written to be Spoken

This text demands a performance as dynamic as the story it conveys.  Experience the Book of Mark the way it was intended to be heard, in its entirety.  King James Live is for anyone who loves language, literature, theatre, or scripture.

"Whenever we put words into someone's mouth, or see the writing on the wall, or go from strength to strength, or eat, drink and be merry, or fight the good fight, or bemoan the signs of the times, or find a fly in the ointment, or use words such as 'long-suffering,' 'scapegoat' and 'peacemaker,' we are unconsciously quoting the King James Bible. More astounding, compared to Shakespeare's prodigal 31,000-word vocabulary, the King James Bible works its magic with a lexicon of just 12,000 words."

Robert McCrum

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