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SHakespeare for Anyone

"All the world's a stage!"

Shakespeare's easy, anyone can do it!  It doesn't matter what age you are,  or what your level of experience is.


Do you know how to "act" to get what you want?  Then you know how to act on stage.  We're all natural actors.

Once we get past the idea that Shakespeare is hard to understand, or "more serious" than other plays, we can bring our natural expressiveness to some of the most beautiful words ever written.


Workshops focuses on: telling the story; playing clear actions and intentions; acting with the whole body; and finding clues to character and choices in the text.



Survey Workshop  -- 2hrs

In-Depth Workshop -- 6hrs

*workshops can be split up over multiple days depending on scheduling.  Three two-hour sessions is probably the best way to let the material sink in.

Acting the bible

"The voice of one, crying in the wilderness."

This is the verse that convinced me the King James Version is as evocative and actable as anything Shakespeare ever wrote.

In this workshop, we apply the same text analysis techniques as in Shakespeare for Anyone.  Either class is a great introduction to acting classical texts, and neither is a prerequisite for the other.

We will also deal with these issues that are particularly important to acting the Bible:


Assumptions/misconceptions about the Bible

Faithfulness to the text/trusting yourself

The Bible was written to be heard.  For most of its long history, the vast majority of people were illiterate.  The only way they could receive The Word, was by having someone speak it for them.

When you learn to act the Bible, you are learning to deliver it the way it was originally intended.

Options: same as Shakespeare for Anyone

Private coaching

Private coaching is generally reserved for experienced performers.  For beginners, much can be learned from classmates.  Reserved for students who are regularly performing. 

The goal of coaching is to provide the student with tools that might take years of performing to discover and implement.  There is no substitute for repetitions, but good repetitions will accelerate your progress; bad repetitions will keep you stuck.  Coaching will make your process more efficient.

Though I don't mind working on new material, we will begin working on material that is already prepared. Often students will find that even material which is already polished is improved by this work.

I work with actors and stand-up comedians.


Private coaching sessions can last anywhere from 1-3hrs, and can be conducted in person or via video conference.

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