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The Gospel Was Written to be Heard

King James Bible Title Page

Our Performer

Actor Ashley Strand

Award-winning actor Ashley Strand received his MFA from the Academy for Classical Acting, and is a founding member of Alchemical Theatre of Wilmington.

In 16o4, King James I commissioned a new translation of the Bible, so the people of England could worship in their own common tongue.  A committee of 54 scholars and poets toiled for seven years to create the King James, or "Authorized" Version, publishing it in 1611.


The result is one of the great masterpieces of English literature.  The KJV helped shape English culture and national identity, inspired generations of writers and worshippers, and has become the most published book in history.


But even though it has been read by countless millions, it was published at a time when the vast majority of people were illiterate.  Most people learned the Bible by having it read to them. 

The KJV was written to be heard, to be understood by the common man, and to communicate in a style as vivid and memorable as the stories, proverbs, and prophecies it relates.

My Mission: King James Live

I showcase the language and poetry of the KJV  presenting The Gospel According to Mark as a one-person play.


I hope to present the Gospel the way it was intended to be delivered: with feeling and expression to match  this extraordinary material. 


I aim to bring new life to the Gospel for people who already know it, help people who don't know it discover it, and give everyone a deeper appreciation of this tremendously important part of our cultural history. 


Conceived primarily as educational theatre, King James Live works in churches, schools, book stores, and retirement communities.  For more information,  contact

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